Pixy Logo SVG in Black

No controllers necessary.

No bulky controllers here — just do your thing, and Pixy will follow! Your easy-to-fly mini drone takes off and lands right in the palm of your hand, using the magic of the Snapchat Camera to capture content freely.

Fits in your pocket.

Good things come in small packages. Pixy slides into your small bag or back pocket, making it the perfect companion for every epic adventure — and the spontaneous moments, too.

Editing studio on the go.

In seconds, you can tap into Snapchat’s creative tools to edit, add music, and share —  anytime, anywhere. Plus, videos are optimized for vertical and horizontal export, so you can easily post your content to any platform.



Photos: 4000 x 3000 (12MP)


Default: 2.7k
Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS


5GHz, 802.11 B, G, N, AC


Stores up to 100 videos or 
1000 photos
16 GB flash storage

Size and Weight

101g Including battery
131.7mm x 106mm x 17.6mm


Replaceable rechargeable

lithium-ion battery
80% quick charge in 20 minutes
Fully recharges in 40 minutes

Flight Time

Each rechargeable battery allows you to capture content for 5-8 flights, based on default flight mode(s) selected.


iPhone 7 or later running 
iOS 14 or above.
 Select Android phones 
running 8.0 or above.